• Have lunch with Lenin in Red Square. Bring your CommieCard with you (and a sandwich). He never leaves his house, so drop in any time.
  • Get free soy sauce with purchase of a meal from any Chinese take-out restaurant when you use your CommieCard.
  • Flash your CommieCard at Dimitry the Yakut in downtown Omsk, and receive 40 acres and a mule in Siberia.
  • CommieCardholders receive two Cuban cigars for twice the price in Havana on Tuesdays.
  • Pay half price when you use your CommieCard to enroll in North Korea's spy training program: License to Kim Jong Ill.
  • Save money! Every time you open your wallet for cash, the CommieCard will be there to remind you to not entertain capitalistic tendencies.
As you can see, the Commie Card pays for itself from day one.
Don't delay! Make sure to get your


CommieCard is for novelty use only
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